AT&T Career Notes

Business Cards AT&T Business Cards - my business cards collected over the years from various office locations
Peter t-shirt icon
shirts - AT&T related shirts from projects over the years, etc.
SoundFont Trademark Check
SoundFont® Trademark - certified check of $1 to E-Mu Systems so that SoundFont® could be trademarked
AT&T FMP Hatchet FMP - Force Management Program - AT&T Layoff page
AT&T Labs Research AT&T Labs Research - home page link for those "left behind" at AT&T Shannon Laboratory
GB flag XORL - web site link for our friends formerly of AT&T Labs Cambridge
digitalphono digitalphono - our AAC research site with lots of music from independent artists and labels - link
a2bmusic a2bmusic - our AAC site with promotions from major recording artists and labels - link (discontinued)
AT&T Sound Science AT&T Sound Science - archive of glossy web pages for our audio work.  This archive has some broken links

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum - AT&T info page

Rolling Stones covers tour Rolling Stone covers tour

Audio Innovation including AAC/PAC Audio Innovation including AAC/PAC

AT&T Sound Science Timeline AT&T Sound Science Timeline

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