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A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches
... Proverbs 22:1

The name nobell.org is not meant to be negative, but rather commemorative, so here's some memorabilia.

Bell System icon The Bell System - I was part of the Bell System from the time that I joined Bell Labs in 1980 to the breakup of the Bell System in 1984.

The Day Bell System Died
The Day Bell System Died - requiem for "Ma Bell"

Bell System Logo Bell System Memorial - link
Telephone Tribute - link
Bell name icon The Bell Name - After the 1984 divestiture, the RBOCs/Bellcore/Bell Communications Research kept the Bell name.  AT&T was not allowed to use it with the exception of AT&T Bell Laboratories, which was declared a "national treasure."
Bell Labs icon
Bell Labs - names due to corporate changes like breakups include Bell Laboratories, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Bell Communications Research, AT&T Labs, Lucent Technologies - Bell Labs Innovations, ...

The Wisdom Business
The Wisdom Business - image "After all this is Bell Laboratories - The Wisdom Business" - takeoff on "The Knowledge Business" slogan

The Day That Bell Labs Died
The Day That Bell Labs Died - requiem for "Bell Labs"

touch tone phone icon
Labs History - link to pages of technology milestones at www.research.att.com - The Train of Thought
Bell Logo icon
The Bell Logo - After the 1984 divestiture, the RBOCs/Bellcore/Bell Communications Research also kept the Bell logo.  .   Today, after all of the mergers and name changes over the years, the formerly ubiquitous Bell logo is no longer used.

Death Star icon The AT&T "death star" logo - AT&T had to get a new logo - what do you mean "That's not the right logo ?"
Peter face icon
The Peter Face - Peter Weinberger's "death-star" face became the logo for Computer Science Research at Bell Labs.  It appeared everywhere: on the Murray Hill water tower, in the UNIX room (2C-501) visible from the other end of building 2, as a magnet bitmap in stairwell 8, and on various web pages .

Peter t-shirt icon
The Peter Face T-shirt - Of course Peter's face was on t-shirts which we all wore "proudly", and some people sparingly gave them out at conferences as treasured gifts.  The backside reads, "where the avant garde meets the rear guard."
NoBell Winners icon
The No Bell Winners - This was the name of our softball team at Bell Labs Research, Murray Hill, NJ that I was part of from around 1988 through 1995.  The rumor is that we had Nobel prize winners on the founding team.  The team logo printed on our shirts was the NoBell logo with the back-slash through the bell.  Click the title or here for a full-page description.

NoBell Winners 88 icon In 1988, the No Bell Winners were the Murray Hill softball league champs, and here's a picture of the trophy.

NoBell stats icon
For 1991, here are the stats for the No Bell Winners - I kept this because of the batting crown.
noble icon noble rhyme - The word has good denotation and coronation - I mean, connotation.
Novell icon Novell rhyme - Our coworkers with Unix Systems Labs in Short Hills, NJ were sold to Novell and moved to Florham Park, NJ.   In 1996, Lucent was spun off with headquarters in Murray Hill building and Research was split into Lucent Bell Labs Research and AT&T Labs Research.   In 1997 AT&T Labs Research found a new home in the Novell building on the Exxon campus in Florham Park, NJ.   We got back a few of our USL/Novell colleagues.
NoBell logo icon
No Bell  - In 2001/2002, both Lucent Bell Labs and AT&T Labs Research suffered major "down-sizing," including myself.  Here's to the fond memories of the Bell System and Bell Labs ...

For more sentiment and information, see my AT&T-carreer web pages.

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