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Selected digital audio jobs, graphic designs, photos, etc.

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Skarven Enterprises, LLC - logo design series [2003]
VBS icon PCNP VBS 2002 - photos in the Independent Press [2002]
FileMaker Pro 5.5 CD cover FileMaker Pro 5.5 CD cover - test project to check out Photoshop 7 [2002]
PCNP Water PCNP Water - free water for Memorial Day Random Acts of Kindness [2002]
Kevin Russo Airshows Kevin Russo Airshows - custom CDs/CCs, digital audio mixing, covers, labels [2002]
PAC logo PAC logo - graphic design [c. 1996]
Euphony chip logos Euphony chip logos - graphic designs [c. 1996]
XUNET logo XUNET logo - graphic design series [c. 1988]
Foster House Foster House t-shirt - graphic design [c. 1977-1979]

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