Rights and The Music Industry

While artists and composers can manage their own rights and distribution, most engage large vendors to tie them into the retail chain and to protect their rights  and revenues via litigation.  The vendors form a complex and confusing network.  Legal distribution requires both copyrights (C) for the artists' recorded performances and publishing (P) rights for the composed songs.  See the back cover of a CD for an example.

RRIA - Recording Industry Association of America, Inc.

(P) Publishing Rights for Songs

  • reproduction/distribution
  • public performance
  • lyrics
  • Music Publishers/Administrators/Agents

    reproduction/distribution, public performance (song by song), lyrics
    NMPA/HFA - National Music Publishers Association, Inc., The Harry Fox Agency, Inc.
  • Lyrics Site in Copyright Dispute Is Closed (NY Times)
  • Performing Rights Societies

    blanket public performance licenses
    ASCAP - American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
    BMI - U.S. music performing rights organization.

    (C) Copyrights for Sound Recordings

  • reproduction/distribution
  • public performance
  • adaptation
  • Record Companies

    Major Record Labels

    BMG Entertainment
    MCA Records
    Sony Music
            Seagram Co.
    Warner Music Group
            Time Warner
    Other Labels
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