Selected Legal Music Content

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AAC - MPEG 2 Advanced Audio Coding

digitalphono - offering high quality AAC compressed music.
a2bmusic - Download CD-quality songs in just minutes. includes free promotional music and samples.
Global Music Outlet and their label electric records
Liquid Audio - software products that provide an end-to-end solution for music and audio on the Internet.

MP3 - MPEG 1 Layer 3

Yahoo! : Computers and Internet : Multimedia : Video : MPEG : MPEG Audio Layer 3
MP3.com - news, free music, software, hardware information, and more.
MP3now.com - links to the top 10 MP3 search engines, players, encoders, decoders, rippers for various platforms, and more.
free-music.com - The Free Music Archive
Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA)
Kosmic Free Music Foundation - an organization dedicated to the proliferation of freely accessible original music on the Net. Hours upon hours of music free for the listening.
Shoutcast - streaming audio system for Windows and Un*x platforms. Allows anyone with Nullsoft's Winamp audio player and an Internet connection to broadcast audio via the Internet.

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