Audio Compression Applications

  1. Consumer Recording (DCC)
  2. Disc based storage (CD-i, CD-Video)
  3. DVD - Digital Versatile Disc (video vs. audio, vs. AC3, DTS)
  4. Disc based Editing, audio broadcasting station automation
  5. Solid State Storage Audio
  6. Cable and satellite TV (e.g. DVB, USSB, DirecTV, EchoStar)
  7. Cable Radio
  8. Digital Audio Broadcasting (e.g. ADR, DAB, US-Digital Radio, Worldspace  Radio)
  9. Internet Radio
  10. Computer based Multimedia
  11. Contribution Links
  12. Distribution Links
  13. ISDN Links
  14. Stand-alone electronic information systems
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Applications (Fraunhofer)

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